Corporal Curt Evans – Department Spotlight – June 2, 2021

Please join us as we show appreciation to this week’s highlight, Corporal Curt Evans, originally from Pennsylvania and an American Veteran, as he continued the family tradition of a very Patriotic family!
Corporal Evans served as young as 17 years old in the US Army as a Demolition Expert for 9 years, some of which was in Desert Storm, followed by 5 years in the US Marine Corps as an Administrative Chief!
The Marine Corps brought him to Beaufort, SC stationed on Paris Island where decided to set roots and has since been a police officer for 16 years, 3 of which have been with The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, instead of using his degree in Respiratory Therapy.
Corporal Evans says he “likes the freedom of working for Jasper County Sheriff’s Office and how big the county is because it opens up the possibility of helping more people.”
Again, we asked the best advice he could give to the younger generation of Jasper County and he had to say, “Don’t give in to peer pressure, do the right things for yourself and those around you. Sometimes what is fun for the moment can bring unwanted consequences down the road.”
Thank you Corporal Evans for not only working to keep our residence safe, but for your service protecting our Country!

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